1968 Establishment of Kao Fong Iron Factory. The main products is tapping machines & drilling machines.
1972 Kao Fong Machinery Factory was incorporated as Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd and was located in Fengyuan City. We concentrated on producing small and middle size of milling machinery and earned the excellent products price from Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.
1976 Present modern plant was built in Ta-ya, Taichung
1979 Kao Fong Machinery was re-organized to Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd and developed VBM-A vertical boring mailing machine.
1981 Invented the first V2-CNC milling machine
1982 Invented the first V350-TF CNC copy milling machine and V350-NF (3H) CNC multi-head milling machine. Also, worked out the popular VBM-A Bed Boring milling machine.
1983 Invented the G450 vertical & horizontal milling machine and U450 universal head milling machine. Meanwhile Chiao-Tung Bank and China Development Financial Holding Corporation participated and invested in Kao Fong Machinery Co.,Ltd.
1984 Expanded the plant space to 2,000㎡ and the VTC-2880 CTC copy milling machine was developed.
1985 Developed the first VTC-2880 CTC copy milling machine and VMC-1040 vertical machining center.
1986 Developed the VTC-2270 CTC copy milling machine.
1989 Developed many kinds of vertical machining center.
1990 To continue develops four kinds of vertical machining center to satisfy the customer's variety request.
1991 Stocks of the company are approved to offer in public. Developed the VTC-3810 copy milling machine and vertical machine center. VMTC series began.
1992 The new management team joined to Kao Fong Machinery Co.,Ltd.
1994 Developed the 9,000rpm high speed vertical machine center. Cooperated with the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, and developed VMC-1060 linear way machine center.
1995 ISO-9002 Certificate was approved.
1998 Stocks of the company were approved to offer in the market, moreover, the capital increased to USD 15,000,000.
1999 VMC-1500 was awarded the excellent product in Taiwan.
2000 Had a technological transfer contract of semi-conductor equipments with KASHIYAMA of Japan.
  Environment management certificate of ISO-14001 was approved.
  Developed VMC-850A and HMC-630 machine center. To obtain "little gaint prize" from Ministry of Economic Affairs.
2001 TUV ISO-9001 of Germany Authentication was approved.
  VMC-850A was awarded with National Award of Excellence
2002 Applied the strategy association, the skill of producing the clean room and the wet processing equipment began.
  PV-1260 was awarded with National Award of Excellence
2003 The new plant was built in Taichung, and the turnover reaches to USD 3,000,000.
  Invested in the Plant in China and put into production formally. Applied for entering the Taichung Science Industrial Park and now have almost 3,630m2 holding.
  Developed HMC-500 horizontal machining center.
2004 Gained the loan of improving industry research and development from Industrial Department of Government USD 2,000,000.
  To have started building the new plant of Taichung Science Industrial Park.
  To plan Finishes half early of 2005. The occupation of the factory will be 39,720 m2 and building will be 47,000 m2.
2005 Vertical and Horizontal machining centers are approved by CE certificate.
  Double columns machining center V3300 and Vertical machining centers VMC-106 and VMC-137 are developed successfully.
Horizontal machining centers HMC-500 and HMC-630 are developed successfully and start to mass production. These 2 models win the Symbol of Excellence Award in Taiwan.
2006 Double columns machining center BMC-3022 is developed successfully
2007 The first factory plant at Taichung Science Park is finished
2008 Taichung Science Park plant 2 is finished.
2009 CV-6 New Development finished. Go to Market for sell
2010 Developed Five-face Double Column Machining Center
  PV-16 high-speed Double Column machining center was awarded with National Award of Excellenc
2011 BMC-2616 was awarded with National Award of Excellence
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