METALLOOBRABOTKA, Russia's International Metalworking Machinery Exhibition, was held from 5/22 to 5/26. At this exhibition, it was shocking to find out there were some three-axis general-purpose CNC machining centers produced by KAFO known as Kao Fong Machinery.

Since the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian War, Kao Fong has cooperated with the Taiwan Government and strictly abided by relevant international sanctions, stopping the supply of machine equipment and maintenance parts to Russia.

It is understood that this display machines are old model produced by Kao Fong couple years ago. They are stock machines purchased by the dealers before the Ukrainian-Russian War. Some of major machine tool builders in Taiwan cooperate with them as we do. Great dealers and agents will build their local warehouse to shorten the delivery time. Since the government banned the export of machine tools to Russia, our company has stopped all business activities with all dealers and agents in the country, this is quite astonished and helpless to find out this incident occurred today.

Kao Fong Machinery hereby declares its position, severely condemns acts of armed warfare, and once again solemnly clarifies that Kao Fong will never supply CNC machining centers equipment, repair parts and all after-sales services to Russian Federation.