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    Can I get a taller z axis on my machine?

    We get a lot of requests for taller z axes on our machines. While we can do some things to get you a taller z, there are several things to consider before going this route.

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    Can I use hot rolled steel / aluminum for my linear guide rails?

    We do not recommend using either hot rolled steel or aluminum with our linear motion systems. Both of these materials lack the tolerances and dimensional stability present in cold rolled steel, which is typically +0 / -0.004" in critical dimensions, whereas aluminum and hot rolled steel can often be +/- 0.030" in the same dimensions.

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    Do you ship internationally? How much does it cost?

    We definitely do! As much as possible, we ship everything in USPS flat rate priority mail boxes. This saves on customs duties for our customers.

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    How accurate will my machine be with your parts?

    This is a difficult question to answer with a single number, as the accuracy of a machine is dependent upon multiple factors, including the machine size and design, the components used, and the time and care taken during assembly.

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    My computer doesn't have a parallel port. Can I just get a USB

    This is a question we get fairly often, and unfortunately standard converters will not work. The reason is that both Mach 3 and EMC2 depend not only on the signals coming out of the parallel port, but also on the timing of those signals to control the motors. These programs are operating in an effectively "real time" environment to make sure that motions happen at the right speed from multiple axes. While USB is a much faster and newer protocol, USB converters do not maintain the timing associated with the step and direction signals, rendering them useless for CNC. The parallel port is really one of the only interfaces on PC's that allows for the level of direct control required for CNC.

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    Which is better, a screw or rack and pinion drive?

    The short answer is that both are good for different applications.